Our Love Will Be Known.

When you’re tired of wearing what everyone else is wearing. When you would rather put your money toward something that matters. When you want to shop brands that match your personality, rather than altering your personality to match a brand. Shop Because Co.

Imagined, designed and made in Virginia, Because Co. is the heartbeat of creative, curious souls who just want to make a difference.


There is no formula to being a thoughtful human. But what we know is this: When we adjust the quality of our thoughts and place them compassionately on others, the world gets better. Shop Thoughtful Human to give back.
You know those times when you just want to be a little reckless? Maybe a little eccentric? This is your time and this is your brand. Shop Let’s Get Weird to unleash the best parts of your personality.
We realize that where you’re from means just as much to you as where you’re going. We’re just here to go along on the journey with you. Shop Where Co. to take a piece of your home with you, wherever you go.